Minerva - Archetype

Hot swap and solder PCB with flex cuts. Both support the same layout, no compromises.
We've added support for single colour LEDs on the ESC and mod column, with the goal of adding UV LEDs to highlighting artisan keycaps that are UV reactive.

Frog Pad - Geon Works

Frog Pad PCB, a small numpad with extra row to work along side the Frog, designed by Geon.
The PCB supports 2 rotary encoders that are fully programmable through VIA and Remap

FAve 87H & FAve 84H - Linworks

2 Hotswap TKL PCBs compatible with the Dolphin 1, Lin Classic, Dolphin 3, Dolphin 2021, AAA, and Whale.
Comes in both 87 and 84-key layout.
Has per-key RGB and 40 under glow RGB leds for all your gaming needs

Sabre PCB - 4GT

Ergonomic TKL PCB 
designed for the Sabre.
Using a duplex matrix and 3mm backlight LED.


Kuku65 - AP Labs

Hot swap PCB with horizontal flex cuts,
used via's in the hot swap sockets to prevent pads from lifting. Though I don't actually like the visuals of them all things considered.

A 65 / 60% pcb,
compatible with the most cases.
If only 60% is required the customer can snap off the last 5 keys, solder on a pro-micro and they have a small 5 key macro pad.

[CONCEPT] Chalk V2 

Chalk is a long time personal project trying to push the boundaries of what we can do with a keyboard.
It features an OLED screen, battery charge and protection circuitry. USB-hub for USB pass through and micro-SD card reader.
Bluetooth, real time clock and buzzer.
For fun I also added both RGB and UV LED under glow.


Arisu styled board. Also designed a case for this to be produced out of stacked acrylic.

Working on an optical version of this PCB also

Dis 60 - Fehu 60

60% pcb with various flex cuts for different typing experiences
using the Atmega32A and