Be Pad - Wolf x Geon

Be Pad is a 5 key macro pad designed for all pet lovers. Who doesn't like squishing the toe beans.
Made with custom ABS caps and silicone pads in a variety of colours to match the looks and feels of your pet and or setup.

Planned to have both Wired and Wireless options

Fly Daughterboard

In collaboration with https://geon.works/ we present the Fly Daughterboard, a replacement for the Unified Daughterboard without compromise. Will be made open source after some initial testing.

Minerva - Archetype

Hot swap and solder PCB with flex cuts. Both support the same layout, no compromises.
We've added support for single colour LEDs on the ESC and mod column, with the goal of adding UV LEDs to highlighting artisan keycaps that are UV reactive.

Frog Pad - Geon Works

Frog Pad PCB, a small numpad with extra row to work along side the Frog, designed by Geon.
The PCB supports 2 rotary encoders that are fully programmable through VIA and Remap

FAve 87H & FAve 84H - Linworks

2 Hotswap TKL PCBs compatible with the Dolphin 1, Lin Classic, Dolphin 3, Dolphin 2021, AAA, and Whale.
Comes in both 87 and 84-key layout.
Has per-key RGB and 40 under glow RGB leds for all your gaming needs

Sabre PCB - 4GT

Ergonomic TKL PCB 
designed for the Sabre.
Using a duplex matrix and 3mm backlight LED.


Kuku65 - AP Labs

Hot swap PCB with horizontal flex cuts,
used via's in the hot swap sockets to prevent pads from lifting. Though I don't actually like the visuals of them all things considered.