Old Projects

A 65 / 60% pcb,
compatible with the most cases.
If only 60% is required the customer can snap off the last 5 keys, solder on a pro-micro and they have a small 5 key macro pad.

[CONCEPT] Chalk V2 

Chalk is a long time personal project trying to push the boundaries of what we can do with a keyboard.
It features an OLED screen, battery charge and protection circuitry. USB-hub for USB pass through and micro-SD card reader.
Bluetooth, real time clock and buzzer.
For fun I also added both RGB and UV LED under glow.


Arisu styled board. Also designed a case for this to be produced out of stacked acrylic.

Working on an optical version of this PCB also

Dis 60 - Fehu 60

60% pcb with various flex cuts for different typing experiences
using the Atmega32A and